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    (1)To raise the profile of the Schools within the City, and the City within the Schools.
    To encourage a greater knowledge of the City, its Government and Customs among the   pupils.  To provide the Schools with help and support, in so far as we are able, working with the Staff to achieve these aims. 

    (2)To encourage any pupil still at a City School (to wit CLS, CLFS, CLSG) , over the age of 17  to become an Apprentice to a Freeman of the City and obtain their Freedom by servitude, or a Candidate for the Freedom of the City to be obtained by redemption. Those who accept to follow the first of these paths and fulfil the modest obligations set by their Masters, will, on having served their time, be admitted to The Freedom. In the case of Candidates, who fulfil the requirements set by The Guild, they may at an age above 21 be able to apply to The Court of Common Council to be admitted to the Freedom of the City. The Guild will provide sponsors for them.  Once admitted to the Freedom membership of The Guild of Scholars is open to them.

    (3)To assist aspiring former pupils of the City Schools and members of City School’s Staff with their applications for the Freedom of the City, by providing all relevant information and obtaining the necessary sponsors.

    (4)To advise, and where possible, help those who are already Freemen of the City to join one of the City Livery Companies.


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