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The Guild grew out of a loose association called OC Liverymen, which could trace its origin back to the early 1970’s.  The OC in OC Liverymen stood for Old Citizens - Old Boys of the City of London School.  Liverymen meant Liverymen of the several companies of the City.  From small beginnings embracing only Liverymen it expanded to include Old Citizens who were Free of the City. Support was given to Old Citizens wishing to enter the Freedom and encouragement was given to those who were Freemen to enter the Livery.

 In the few years before becoming a Guild, Old City Girls (Old Girls of the City of London School for Girls) who were either Liverymen or Free of the City were invited to join.  OC Liverymen arranged to sponsor Old Girls for the Freedom.  A more recent development has been the extension of our catchment to include the City of London Freeman’s School.

 At this point the affiliation of OC Liverymen to the John Carpenter Club (Old Citizens Association) came into question.  The aims of OC Liverymen were altering from facilitating social contact between members to seeking active ways to support both the Schools and the City.  Members agreed to set up a Guild. Appropriate Ordinances were drawn up with help from The Chamberlain’s Court and the Guild came into existence on the 1st January 1999. 

 It is the declared aim of the Guild “To Raise the Profile of The City within The Schools” and “To Raise the Profile of The Schools within The City”.  To this end some Freemen Members of the Guild have taken on Apprentices from among the pupils at the Schools.  Subject to satisfactorily completing their Apprenticeship as Citizens, Apprentices earn their Freedom by Servitude.

The Guild has set up a Charitable Trust to sponsor the pursuit of Excellence in Education, particularly in the three Schools run by The Corporation.

   About Us

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